The Best You EXPO Conference 4 – 5 March

The Psychology of Networking 

I am delighted to announce…


I am speaking at The Best You EXPO on 4 March 2017 at 11am

In The Best For Business Workshop Room 2!

I am speaking about The Psychology Of Networking…

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Become a networking magnet
Quality “how to” secrets of networking made easy
Become the change you want to see …

Get ahead of the game in times of credit crunch,
And directly impact your bottom line

Do you find networking hard work?
Do you dread going out networking?
Do you feel ill at ease.. no-one told you how to do it properly?

Then this is the workshop for you….
Come and find out how to be a networking magnet

This workshop is an eye-opener and will change your thinking about how you interact with others…

Packed with hot tips and techniques that will transform your networking results into real business, that directly impact your bottom line

This is a very simple and effective “How To” guide to successful networking

You will find out:
What your handshake says about you
How to gain instant rapport within seconds of meeting someone
How to spot the networking personality types
How to deal with the “networking leach” that just won’t leave you alone!
How to break into groups gracefully
How to make a smart exit
How to work a room effectively
How to speak to someone in “their way” – people buy from people that are similar to themselves

This is a fun, lively and experiential workshop that will be thoroughly entertaining and enlightening.

NOTE: Please bring plenty of business cards with you and an open mind!

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See You There!



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