Suppressed Emotions Can Create A Bulging Stomach

Suppressed Emotions Can Create A Bulging Stomach.

Obesity is thought to knock nine years off the average lifespan. Have you noticed that as you get older, it’s harder to burn those extra calories?  There are many types of diet that tempt us into losing those inches and you hear so often, people that are always yoyo dieting and trying another wonder slimming pill or yet another faddy diet that has had good reviews.

You may be successful on your diet and lose those extra pounds for a short while and then as soon as you come off the diet – have you noticed that the weight starts piling back on and sometimes faster than it took to lose it?


Let’s Discover Why? 

The human body is made up of around 70 – 80% water, depending on which research you read! Water is essential to the normal working of the body. It lubricates joints and eyes, aids digestion, flushes out waste and toxins and keeps skin healthy.

Are you really hungry or just thirsty?

You may actually be thirsty rather than hungry and if you drank a full glass of water at least half an hour before eating you may realise that you were actually thirsty and not hungry at all! And you will save on eating those extra calories.

Why does the weight always go straight to my stomach?

Weight tends to gather around the areas of your body where you are not dealing with everyday issues within you life. And the tummy area, above the navel, is a popular place where most people are susceptible to gain weight. This area is called the solar plexus; and it plays an important role in the control of on-going health of the pancreas, liver, diaphragm, large intestine, appendix and lungs.

Emotions are stored in the stomach  

A person feels it from the heart, but emotion is felt in the stomach.  We digest food and emotion.  That is why we experience “butterflies” in the stomach when we are excited or nervous.  Or if you are going through a particularly difficult time in your life you may find comfort in eating food.

When you feel out of control of a situation that you are in, food is used as your source of control.  Which is why you might reach out for that bar of chocolate or the biscuit tin.

Why do we feel emotions in the stomach?

Certainly in Britain, we are very conscious about keeping a “British stiff upper lip” and as a result we tend to hide or suppress how we really feel.  We generally only express what we think is appropriate to show.  The result of suppressing your real feelings is that it has to go somewhere, and it tends to show up in the solar plexus area in the form of weight, which will act as a protection for your body or you may have digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and ulcers.

How can we reduce the risk of gaining weight around the stomach?

Look at what is going on in your life.  Have you been upset about something? Are you going through a relationship breakdown? Or have you had a recent bereavement?  Are you suffering with low self-esteem because of your situation? Are you dealing with the issues and working through your feelings about the situation?  Or, are you avoiding the issue, if you are, then the body will express what you are suppressing.

Your body is always talking to you, in western culture we have switched off listening to our body.  Get back in tune with your body and listen to it.  That upset stomach is telling you that you are not facing or dealing with the emotions that you are really feeling.

Have you ever felt “choked up” with emotion? 

This is because you are not expressing your real feelings and the emotion is literally choked back into the body. So the best way to overcome this is if you feel like crying, then cry… you will be surprised at how little time you will actually be crying!  If you feel like shouting because you are angry with someone, fully express how you feel – you will be surprised at what is expressed.  Emotions magnify enormously when we are holding back – and the very fear of controlling what you express, will be worse than what you will actually express if you didn’t hold yourself back.

A final word…on breathing to release your emotions

When you are feeling emotional, you may feel a constriction in your breathing, it may become shallow and shorter. A good way to overcome this is to breathe so that you fully expand the stomach area pushing the stomach out as you breathe in through your nose and extend that to the rib cage and lungs and then breathe out slowly through your open mouth, sucking in each area in turn.  This should be repeated at least 10 times and you will find that your mind and body will feel calmer and your emotions will seem far less severe or even disappear!


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