How to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE…Personally and Professionally

The Pursuit of Inner Happiness!

The Official Launch Event for Caroline Heward


09.30 am – 6.00 pm

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Hosted and Presented by Des O’Connor:

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Founder of Des O’Connor’s Women In Business Conferences, International Speaker.

Special Message from Des O’Connor:

“I’m pleased to host and present this event for Caroline Heward, one of my clients for my new project of Creating Women Business Experts! Caroline has already established a successful business, but I’m helping her to take her brand to the next level! She is a talented expert with amazing insights to share with all of you – I’m so proud to be with Caroline Heward on stage for this special event!”Des O’Connor

This Event is Dedicated to Inspiring Personal and Professional Success!

Lots of events promise to improve one or the other – help with your personal relationships and self-development, or help with your career and business…

We want to give you BOTH.

We Will Help Improve Your Life…Personally AND Professionally!

Get inspiring ideas on how to make your personal life better!

Get motivational tips and expertise on how to take your professional success to the next level!



Caroline Heward

Dr. Manjit Kaur

Kelly Ann Teasdale

Sharon Callix

Alarine Mclawerence

Sue Ritchie

Margaret Thorli

Are you a

  • An entrepreneur or small business owner?
  • A marketing professional?
  • A corporate executive?
  • A performer, presenter, speaker, artist, musician or actor?
  • Anyone who needs to sell, persuade, influence or attract people’s attention for a living?

Also a

  • Corporate Professional?
  • Banker? Trader? Stockbroker?
  • Accountant, Solicitor, Lawyer, Barrister?
  • Actuary? Insurance Professional?
  • Information Technology Professional?
  • Media, Marketing, or Advertising Professional?
  • Human Resources Executive?
  • Doctor, Surgeon, or Medical Specialist?
  • Successful Entrepreneur?
  • Globetrotting Professional?
  • Musician, Singer, Actor, Professional Performer?

If you’re a hard-working professional putting in long hours for your career – and wanting to get more out of your personal life – this event is for you!

Does this sound like you??

You work long hours, you’ve attained massive career success, you are happy with your career, you’re pleased with your income and your career prospects…


Something important is missing in your life!


  • You feel a certain lack of passion or lack of direction in your personal life.
  • You struggle to have successful long-term romantic relationships.
  • You feel estranged from some important people in your life.
  • You aren’t sure how to bring the same feeling of “success” from your career to your personal life!

We can help you achieve more happiness and love in your personal life!

Improve Your Life…Personally

Solving Your Inner Conflict – Professional vs. Personal

  • You are a superstar with the Midas touch in your chosen career or profession – everything you do, turns to gold! BUT, when you go home, into your personal life, with your family, friends and relationships – it doesn’t SEEM to work as well. There is a disconnect.
  • You are a go-getter, can-do, do-it person – success follows you in your working life and occupation…BUT your relationships suffer and you don’t know why? So you may do more working hours and stay longer in what feels more comfortable.
    You are a results-driven person, and your work and profession is very important to you.
  • You are highly mentally alert, and like to think, analyse and talk through your experiences, and life’s problems. You have a very creative mind, and feel comfortable living and experiencing from there!
  • You have money, acclaim, fame, and status – BUT something is MISSING….
  • You are existing through the expectations that you OR others place upon you.
  • You are a leader, and the “go to” person, BUT underneath it all, you FEEL that there MUST BE MORE to life than “THIS!”
  • You have “ticked all the boxes” that deem that you have everything to make you “happy” – BUT somehow, you don’t feel happy – there is something missing…
  • There is! And Caroline Heward can help!

Let’s explore why you feel that there is something missing in your life…

When you were born, you were born saying “gaa gaa” and “goo goo,” you were existing in a world of sensations and feelings that was pure, with NO mind.

But as we grow up, something changed, something happened, and your mind became your leader and your biggest advocate for your life.

Our minds are powerful and beneficial! They can help us craft a powerful narrative – a “story” – that gives our life structure and meaning.

However, your mind can only do so much. Sometimes the most successful and high-achieving people realise that they have focused too much on only one aspect of life. Without intending to, they have allowed their minds to hold them back.

Caroline Heward will help you to get back in touch with the natural, intuitive self – the “you” that you were meant to be, before you started down a path of careerism and ticking boxes and focusing on external rewards and temporary achievements.

Caroline Heward can help you reconnect with your purest, truest self, in a way that opens up new possibilities and more comfortable, authentic ways of being human – in your personal AND professional lives!

What You Will Learn from This Event:

Caroline Heward will show you…

  • How to create stronger personal relationships – not just “romantic” relationships, but overall more effective, more comfortable, more natural and nurturing intimate relationships in your personal life, with friends, partners and family.
  • How to have stronger relationships for singles AND couples! Whether you want insights on how to have more successful dating relationships OR you’re a couple who want to make your relationship stronger, Caroline Heward has ideas for you. (NOTE: This is not a “dating event,” and singles AND couples are welcome to attend! Caroline will discuss powerful tips and ideas for developing self-knowledge and self-awareness to create more effective personal relationships of all kinds!)
  • How to cultivate a powerful mindset for a better personal life – by letting yourself be more open, more vulnerable, more generous and receptive to people’s attention and affection, and more!
  • How to let go of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs! Even if you have been on the wrong track in some ways in your personal life, even if you have made mistakes, even if you have suffered pain or caused pain, even if you have regrets…it is possible to change, to forgive, to be forgiven, and build a better future with more love in your life!

Special Message from Caroline Heward:

“If there is one thing I’ve learned in my career, it’s this: some of the most successful people, who most people might envy for seeming to ‘have it all,’ still have their struggles and their moments of weakness and loneliness! Ironically, some of the very same personal strengths that make us succeed in our careers can cause us to mask the emotional pain and difficulties in our personal lives! I can help you overcome these challenges, work through the pain and difficulties, and come out on the other side with a greater sense of wholeness and integration of your personal AND professional lives! You don’t have to struggle or suffer! You are NOT alone! And the good news is – the same can-do spirit and sense of discipline that makes you a success at work, can also be applied to improving your personal life! Let’s begin today!” – Caroline Heward

Improve Your Life…Professionally

What about people who want insights on career and business success?

Des O’Connor will present on how to experience greater success in your Professional Life!

Learn from Des O’Connor, an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, consultant, and founder of Social Media Marketing Events and Women In Business conferences.

Are you…

  • An entrepreneur or small business owner?
  • A marketing professional?
  • A corporate executive?
  • A performer, presenter, speaker, artist, musician or actor?
  • Anyone who needs to sell, persuade, influence or attract people’s attention for a living?

Listen to Des O’Connor’s insightful presentation on:

How To Improve Your Life…Professionally

Des O’Connor hosts SOLD OUT professional development seminars and networking events for busy professionals in London. He has been a guest speaker throughout the UK at business events, conferences, association meetings, and in international forums. Des has built his own business and brand, starting with social media, online marketing, and other easy-to-use tactics – and he can teach you everything you need to know!

Des O’Connor will show you how to boost your success in your professional life! With easy-to-follow advice and immediately actionable ideas on how to..

  • Get better business leads
  • Expand the reach of your business marketing
  • Get a bigger audience on social media – and convert those followers to SALES
  • Become a recognised Business Expert – who commands a higher income and with a more exclusive brand
  • Speak on stage – at upcoming Des O’Connor events, at important events for your industry or community, and more
  • Speak internationally – get connected to a network of exciting global speaking opportunities for recognised Business Experts
  • Investment opportunities – how to make money on the side by investing in property and other lucrative side ventures
  • Make Money While You Sleep – how to make money by selling digital products; downloadable eBooks, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, MP4 videos, and more
  • Get new business leads and build an audience with the most underrated online marketing tactic: Webinars! Learn about webinars and how to use this easy tactic to share your expertise with a global audience – with live or automated webinars
  • Build a stronger professional network – even if you’re not an entrepreneur, we are all in the “sales business” now – learn how to expand your professional network to keep attractive career opportunities coming in for many years to come

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Des O'Connors
How To Improve Your Life Personally and Professionally

Sunday, 14thOctober 2018, 9am - 7pm

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