Bodhisattva In Metro – Laughter Is Infectious! Video

Bodhisattva In Metro – Laughter Is Infectious!

Have you ever had the experience of laughing when others are laughing?


Even though you are not quite sure why they are laughing?

Check out this hilarious video, that is bound to change your mood…I have watched this so many times, and still end up in laughter, you just cannot help it.

Laughter is infectious, and it can change how you feel, it releases the “happy chemicals of your body” called endorphins, and just makes you feel good. If are you feeling stressed or anxious about something, by the time you have finished watching this video, I am sure your mood will be lifted!

Stress Xpress is dedicated to finding fast solutions for you to feel different, when you are suffering with any type of stress, whether it be emotional, physical or mental stress.

I am sure you will be laughing, whilst you are watching!



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