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I have been working with chakra psychology since 2000. Qualifications and training that focused on:

How your mind and body connects and how, when you become out of balance, your behaviours and characteristics change. Your stories that you tell others and yourself change, and even more importantly how your thoughts, values and beliefs change!

And how it affects you physically, emotionally and mentally. It is a WOW as I have helped myself with all manner of physical, emotional and mental stress problems!

During my adult life, I have lost a lot of hair twice due to stress and within a three month period grew it all back – both times!

The first time it was due to a relationship that did not work and I felt devastated and the second time it was due to “carrying” my assistant manager as she was very ill and I did not want to let her go – so I did the extra work, to allow her space and caused my own stress related problems. That was back in 1990.

My thirst for knowledge of how I could live in a better way began, in a professional way, when I joined Holland and Barrett back in the late 80s. Where I was introduced to a different way of “seeing things” and “handling things” that caused me stress in my life.

This changed my habit of constantly popping the doctors prescribed medication for back pain, irritable bowel syndrome and constant throat infections to a more alternative or dare I say, educated way of handing those pains I had in life.

I realised that the “normal western medical route” of managing pain was to “pop” a pill to treat the system! OMG so then the “pain” appeared somewhere else! Then I popped a pill for that too! So I was symptom managing – which is where our western medicine resides.

What a vicious circle I found myself in, until I saw another way, and more importantly – changed my whole way of dealing with things that manifested in my body physically.

I suffered with depression when my dad passed away in 2000 and when I became aware of it, started to look for answers.

I asked some big questions:

“Who am I?”

“What’s the meaning of life?”

“What am I doing here?”

“What’s my purpose in life?”

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At the time, I worked in marketing and PR for a large cancer charity, which was very stressful. BUT, I so enjoyed the work, and I was good at it – and more importantly I loved it! And the social life that went with it!

But I started to question it, when my dad died…

It felt like I sold my soul and just did not feel fulfilled inside. There was a feeling that I was going through the motions and doing what I thought I should be doing but not feeling and experiencing life. It felt like there was something missing – and in that space, I started my emotional and mental stress healing journey and I have never looked back!

I was married at the time, and had tremendous support from my husband in my quest to “find answers to my questions” – and I questioned everything. And over a five year period, I moved from a successful marketing and PR corporate career to being a trained and qualified stress therapist, with a licence to practice in Harley Street. I felt passionate in helping others get over the things that I had overcome.

During my marriage, the cracks began to show whilst on this quest for answers and healing journey and I realised that I was not as happy as I thought I was. Again I felt I was going through the motions and not experiencing an emotional, intimate marriage.

And for the second time in my life, I experienced a deep depression that became inconsolable. This led to my marriage finally ending in 2005.

Although it was a very difficult time for me… I now look back and realised he released me, so that I could explore more of what made me happy. God bless him, as I would never have ended that marriage, as I had very rigid beliefs, “you make your bed and you lie in it!” And suffered because of my beliefs!

My ex husband, set me free! I felt like I was a caged bird, and suddenly my wings began to flap, as I started souring as I uncovered each part that had caused my own stress and lack of intimacy within my life. Its been a magical and sometimes very painful journey as each piece of my “jigsaw puzzle” became uncovered for me to “see” and integrate.

I continue to “live in practice” and use the amazing tools and exercises and understanding of how your mind creates your own internal problems. I am so passionate about how my life has changed, that I am a student for life! And I am always in my own trainings and visit America regularly to continue and evolve my practice.

The trainings that I have undertaken over the years have been so many, they  have become uncountable! And still I continue, as life happens…it is really how we handle things and our response, which creates our experiences in life.

I would welcome the opportunity to help you discover what I have discovered since 1988, and how you can change your response and idea of what is the way life is and how it can be so much more fulfilling for you and effortless!

I conduct “break-through” sessions and work with you to find your root cause, which creates liberation from your problems and literally moves you from pain to pleasure and laughter. This will change your life and the way you “see” things – that is my promise. Are you ready?

Welcome to my world!


Caroline Heward 

“The Harley Street Stress Expert”

Stress Xpress – Harley Street Clinic

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Caroline Heward – “The Harley Street Stress Expert”

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